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As you can see from the photo, like you, I am a Baby Boomer. This gives me a unique perspective on the challenges and opportunities that our generation has in maintaining a lifestyle that has been one of many and varied activities throughout our lifetimes.
Perhaps, like me, you want to find a health plan that focuses on keeping us healthy and involved in those activities that we enjoy for as long as possible. Well that is my mission now, a focus on health care not sick care.
I arrived at this after owning and selling my own independent health insurance agency when I turned 65 and retired.
The question that presented itself was; how can I stay involved in the lives of others in the community, while using the knowledge obtained over 20 years? The answer was to meet with people "aging in to Medicare and give them an unbiased education about all of the choices available to them and how to best turn those into healthy lifestyles.
That is my "WHY".  Contact me today for a review of your situation.
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