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A Full Range

of Medicare Specific Services

Since our focus is on finding the best way to insure that your health plan meets the goal of keeping you healthy, we offer a variety of the tools and solutions available.

How we do it


Medicare Reviews



When we first meet at my office, your home or office, the purpose is two fold; I want to learn about your situation as it pertains to using health insurance to maintain a healthy lifestyle and second, I will explain how the Medicare system works with all of it's moving pieces; Part A, Part B, Part C, Part D,

Medicare Supplement Plans A,B,C,D,F,G,K,L,M,N.

We will explore issues like Medicare Premiums, Deductibles, copays and coinsurance. This meeting usually takes about an hour and is complimentary. You will not be asked to buy anything.

Medicare Advantage Plans(Part C)



These Plans were brought into existence in the past decade to pay medical expenses instead or Original Medicare.

They can offer the member all of the benefits of Original Medicare plus other supplemental benefits.


As an independent advisor, I represent of many of the companies and Plans offered in our area. Some are HMO's, some are PPO's. Provider networks are an important consideration and I work with my clients to find the best fit for them.


Many of these plans include an embedded Part D prescription plan, where the drugs covered and costs involved are critical to making an informed choice.


You do not pay me a fee for providing you with any of these.



Medicare Supplements(Medigap)



If after we review all of your options, you decide that a Medicare Supplement is in your future, then I will advise you as to what Plans are available in our area.


These plans are controlled by the Centers for Medicare and the state in terms of benefits, so selection usually is made based on factors like premium cost, rate stability, pricing strategy, and underwriting requirements.


My recommendations are made without your paying me a fee.

Medicare Rx  Plans (Part D)


Unless you have prescription coverage through an employer or the VA, that is "creditable",

then you are going to be looking for the medications that you take on a maintenance schedule  to be covered.


There are differences in the plans regarding premiums, deductibles, formularies, drug tiers, copays, coinsurance, quantity limits, and prior authorizations.


Many offer the convenience of mail order and some even cover some over the counter items.


I make suggestions based on your individual needs, and again do not charge a fee.



Travel Insurance



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